Thanks for using AirCopy software.

If you have already received a registration key of AirCopy, you can use the registration key to unlock the trial version to full version. The full version does not have 30-day trial period limitation. You may use the software permanently.

1. If AirCopy is not running, run it from Start menu -> AirCopy -> AirCopy.

2. Click the Buy button on the left-bottom corner and open the order and registration key enter window.

3. Enter your AirCopy registration key to unlock it to full version. If you have difficulties entering it by Copy&Paste, you may type it in manually. The registration key can be found from your AirCopy Order Confirmation email received after your order. The registration key is also called as “License Codes”, or “License Key” in some of our order processors.
After the key is entered, your AirCopy software will be turned into full and unlimited version.